I believe

Sara Hasstedt: PhotographerI believe in showing affection. In holding hands, kissing and lots of snuzzling.

I believe in marriage with all of my heart. Falling in love is an emotion but staying in love is a choice. Anything worth having is worth working for.

I believe a smile and a laugh are a girl’s best accessories (and a little lipgloss never hurts either.)

I believe in marrying your best friend. Who better to share your dreams with?

I believe in creating new traditions, even if that means breaking some old ones that are no longer meaningful.

I believe in the power of words and using them to love. They are one of the most powerful tools we have been given and it’s our responsibility to use them to build people up, not tear them down.

I believe everyone should have an embarassing “laugh till you cry” moment at least once….a week.

I believe beauty is found in kindness and generosity.

I believe that being feminine doesn’t mean you are weak. I appreciate the gesture of a door held open for me even though I could open it myself.

I believe in wearing lace, in decorating with colorful floral patterns and in embracing pink.